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Duration: 40 Hours, including exams questions

Delivery: Mainly Classroom by INFOCLUB Ltd, partly online. In collaboration with SECURENET, The IT Security Professionals

Certifications: CISM, from ISACA

CISM validates your expertise in the 4 work-related domains listed below that are applicable across industry verticals: The CISM exam contains 150 questions and covers four information security management areas. The job practice areas and statements were approved by the CISM Certification Working Group and represent a job practice analysis of the work performed by information security managers as validated by prominent industry leaders, subject matter experts, and industry practitioners.  

Domain 1—Information Security Governance – (24%) 

Establish and/or maintain an information security governance framework and supporting processes to ensure that the information security strategy is aligned with organizational goals and objectives. 

Information security strategy and organizational goals and objectives

Information security governance framework

Information security policies

Investments in information security.

Commitment from senior leadership and other stakeholders

Information security responsibilities

Key information security metrics

Domain 2—Information Risk Management – (30%)

Manage information risk to an acceptable level based on risk appetite in order to meet organizational goals and objectives. 

Information asset classification

Legal, regulatory, organizational and other requirements

Risk assessments, vulnerability assessments and threat analyses

Risk treatment/response options

Information security controls

Integration of information risk management into business and IT processes

Internal and external factors

Risk management decision-making process.

Domain 3—Information Security Program Development and Management – (27%)

Develop and maintain an information security program that identifies, manages and protects the organization’s assets while aligning to information security strategy and business goals, thereby supporting an effective security posture. 

The information security program

Internal and external resources to execute the information security program.

Information security processes and resources

Organizational information security standards, guidelines, procedures

Information security awareness and training

Integrate information security requirements into contracts and activities of third parties

Effectiveness and efficiency of the information security program.

Domain 4— Information Security Incident Management – (19%)

Plan, establish and manage the capability to detect, investigate, respond to and recover from information security incidents to minimize business impact.

Severity hierarchy for, information security incidents

Incident response plan

Incident notification and escalation processes

Respond to information security incidents

Test, review and revise (as applicable) the incident response plan

Communication plans and processes

Post-incident reviews to determine the root cause of information security incidents

Integration among the incident response plan, business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan.

A multi-pronged strategy is used to ensure the best preparation for the exams (this course is not just about doing some lectures):

(i) Lectures are conducted for each topic with the help of SECURENET, the IT Security Professionals

(ii) Each major topic culminates in a number of case studies for candidates to master the subject

(iii) Where appropriate, candidates perform hands-on practical labs

(iv) Candidates use our state of the art Knowledge Base System(KBS) to access our database of over 2500 questions on CISM exams multiple times until they are familiar with the subject. This is partly done online.

(v) A MOCK exams may be conducted before students take the actual exams

(vi) Course materials and additional reading notes are provided in soft copy

You must contact the centre for a an updated quote for this course. Registration and exams fees are also payable to ISACA.

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